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Established in July 1985, InSync Speech Technologies, Inc. is primarily an information technology company. Over the past 35 years, the company has progressively evolved from initial startup (as a developer of barcode labeling software and related products) onward to networking software development and consultation, and has concentrated for the past 20 years on its current field of activity, Speech Recognition Technology.

InSync Speech Technologies, Inc. is a well-established player in speech technology and currently markets several product lines in specialized hardware and custom software to the speech industry. The company conducts research and development, handles its own engineering design and manufacturing, and successfully promotes and markets these products under its own brand name, “Buddy.”

The company promotes sales of its products through direct sales from its e-commerce website and Amazon. Thus far, the company’s primary focus has been on developing microphones suitable for speech recognition applications, and on providing tools for people with disabilities who wish to use speech recognition software.

The company has been incorporated in Canada, and United States.

The Founder

Parmod Gandhi, the founder and principal of the company, has conducted extensive research in the field, including the authoring and publication of a comprehensive speech software application book (768 pages, with CD) that guides novice and experienced users toward better utilization and performance of their PC speech software. He has also traveled and participated in many speaking engagements with industry representatives, presenting his views on the state-of-the-art of the technology and the future direction of the industry.

Parmod stays in close touch with a network of key industry contacts, and has developed collaborative alliances with some of the major players and producers of speech technology. In recognition for his contributions to speech recognition, Dr. Raj Reddy awarded him the honorary position of Adjunct Systems Scientist at Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, PA) in 2002. With a degree in Computer Applications Technology, he has worked for over 40 years in various computer environments, including mainframe computers, mini computers such as the PDP-11, personal computers, and embedded systems.

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